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Hand Gesture Recognition Update - 1

It's been more than two months since I completed the first version of m hand gesture recognition system but I didn't update it on the blog because I got busy with placement season at the college and then the mid-semester exams.

In my last post I tried background subtraction but I could not successfully resolve the problems caused by it i.e. : Background noise,inconsistent convex hull and missing frames.
So, I decided to go with something simpler first like static image filtering which I found here.
I followed the following steps:

Pre process the video frame by converting it to HSV color space.Change the Hue , Saturation and Value variables to segment the hand.Post process the frame to remove background noise by doing a bitwise AND of consecutive frames and using erode and dilate functions.Find the contours and convex hull of the hand segment. In order to identify the gestures to play Pacman, I divided the screen into 9 parts and assigned 1 part to each gesture i.e. LEFT,RIGHT…

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