Friday, 4 July 2014

Porting to Python3 Progress

In the last couple of weeks I worked on porting the following sugar modules and submodules to Python3, you can check out  my progress in my own repositories(they are not complete yet , so there might still be some errors):

1) Original repo:
    My repo:
    Changes: Changes in Python3 syntax ,string usage etc in and and different commands in the command folder and called virtualenv with Python3.
2) Original repo:
    My repo:
    Changes: These are the required changes that I made in the osbuild module:
3) Original repo:
    My repo:
    Changes: Some other basic Python3 syntax changes and some errors that i reported in my common porting errors wiki blog post.
4) Original repo:
    My repo:
    Changes: Just a couple of changes as the module name Queue was changed to queue in python3 and the name basestring has disappeared.
5) Original repo:
    My repo:
    Changes: This was a C module written for Python2 but there have been some changes in the C-api for Python3.
The new PEP standard for initialization of extension module:
Porting Extension modules to Python3:
So with the help of  the above links , I did the necessary changes in the sourcestamp module.

6) Original repo:
    My repo:
    Changes: Basic python3 changes using and iteration of 2to3 and they seem to be working for now.

In the following modules, I have done all the trivial Python3 syntax changes and currently working on removing the remaining bugs and errors.

7) Original repo:
    My repo:

8) Original repo:
    My repo:

9) Original repo:
    My repo:

10) Original repo:
    My repo:

So, currently I am working on building and integrating all the modules successfully together and sorting out the errors and bugs that come in my way.

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