Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Porting To Python3

So, i did some research and found that it would be best to port sugar in the following way:
1) Resolve the dependency issue - mainly telepathy . Telepathy-python has been deprecated , so what would be the best way to deal with this? Would it best to just port it to python3 or something else?

2)Port sugar-build to Python3

3)Port Sugar-shell to Python3

4)Create a new Sugar-toolkit-gtk3-python3 from the old one and also keep the Sugar-toolkit-gtk3 for activities that haven't yet ported to python3 and slowly deprecate it.

How the porting would be done:
1) Choose a single module.
2)Port the tests carefully and if there is not full test coverage , write some additional tests.
3) Update the code carefully to pass the tests.

These links were and will be helpful as we can draw on the experience of organisations who have already ported their codebase to python3.

PS: This post was discussed in the mailing list and there have been some changes in the strategy which i will mention in one of the upcoming blog posts.

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