Monday, 16 June 2014

Porting to Python3 Progress

Last week I tried to solve the telepathy issue. The telepathy issue is basically that the telepathy library used in sugar is deprecated and not compatible with Python3 so we had to do something about it.

On researching, I found out that telepathy-glib is the new library which has taken over for telepathy-python and we need to write the telepathy-glib code in gobject convention in order for it to be compatible with introspection and also telepathy-glib is compatible with Python3.

But i had no idea what all these were, so i started reading up on telepathy,telepathy-glib,gobject,introspection,dbus etc. So all this new stuff was a little overwhelming and was taking too much of my time so in friday's sugar meeting, Walter Bender suggested to leave telepathy for now and port other modules first and that is exactly what i am going to do this week and i'll try to port as much code as possible this week and try to increase the test coverage too and after that we'll take care of telepathy.

Also side by side I continued working on porting sugar-build. 

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